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Third Party Sites

CSUSM is currently redefining the scope of what sites are allowed outside of the official CSUSM campus footprint ( An official policy is in the works but not yet publicly available; this pending change will start impacting ITR purchase/renewal requests in the interim.

It is currently advised that most third party hosted sites (Wix, Weebly, Wordpress, etc) are re-absorbed into the main footprint for security and accessibility reasons.

Determination of Site Host Placement

Non-instructional Sites

  • If the site is CSUSM branded and for the general public, this site may be hosted on (authored in OmniCMS).
  • If the site is CSUSM branded and for a specific internal audience, this site might be best as a Sharepoint site.
  • If the site is not CSUSM branded and campus is not paying for the site hosting, this is considered a personal site and third-party site rules do not apply.

Instructional Sites

  • If the site is used to host course materials for students in your course(s), this site should be hosted on Cougar Courses.
  • If the site is CSUSM branded and for a public-facing lab (a blend of information and instructional materials), this site should be hosting on OU Campus.

Vanity URLs

If your site(s) previously were hosted on a third-party site and had a vanity URL for marketing purposes - you can still have that URL pointing to your moved content. Please contact the Web Team ( to start this transition process.