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IT Purchasing Checklist

When planning to acquire an electronic information technology product/service, be prepared by having the following information and documentation readily accessible. This will help expedite the review process. If you are facilitating the purchase on behalf of someone else, in order to complete required fields of the E&IT purchase request form, you may need to coordinate the collection of the following information.

1. Product/service details

  • Who is using it? How? For what purpose?
  • Vendor quote or link to product; software purchases require a copy of the supplier's agreement with terms and conditions
  • Total estimated cost

2. Based on product/service type and its usage, you may need to provide the following:

  • VPAT: Products/services for use in an academic setting, by more than one user, and/or by the general public require a VPAT. For more information about VPATs and accessible technology, please refer to the VPAT Repository and FAQs.
  • Data Security: For software applications that are cloud-based/accessible via the internet, you'll need to provide specific information regarding the type of data that will be collected, shared, accessed/transmitted, or stored. For more information please see FAQs and CSU Policy on Information Technology Security