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Fall 2021 Cougar Courses Updates

Upgrade Notice

 Cougar Courses will be upgraded on Wednesday, June 2. CC will be unavailable from 7am to 5pm during the upgrade.

Need Guidance

Are you new to Cougar Courses? Or just want a refresher on the basics? View our New to Cougar Courses Workshop videos.

If you have questions, you can use our help guides, email us at, or drop in to our TRC Zoom office hours from 10 am to 4 pm Monday through Friday at

Details About Version 3.10


  • H5P integration
    • Content bank - store, upload, create, and configure H5P from this content bank
    • Report - enable grading and attempt tracking
  • Participants filter - easier method to find specific students in the list
  • Book navigation - clearer navigation avoides confusion
  • Improved activity chooser  - easily locate, star, and review recommended items
  • Download course content - students can download content from file, folder, page, and label.
  • Quiz timer - easily see remaining time for students with a timer that scrolls with them.
  • Folder display - images and HTML files will be displayed directly in the browser vs downloading them.

Quick Tips

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3.9 New features -

3.10 New features -