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Assignment: Adding YouTube Links

CC Help: Student Guide – Adding YouTube Links

Sometimes an assignment may require you to provide a link to an online video.

Submitting a YouTube video

1.     When you are ready to submit the assignment, go to the assignment and click on Add submission.

Add submission button

2.     The submission window will include a window for typing in text. Click on the leftmost button in the header of this window:

Expanded tools button 3.     Click on the Media icon in the second row:

Insert media button 4.     This window appears. Click on the top button:

Find video button

 5.     This window appears allowing you to choose which YT video to submit:

 YouTube file picker window

6.     Type the name of the video you wish to submit and click on Search. A lot of videos will probably come up, so be sure to use the exact name of the video you are searching for.

YouTube file finder with thumbnails

7.     Click on the one you want to submit. You will be asked to verify your selection:

Select this file button 

8.     Click on Select this file. The video will appear in the window you saw earlier:

Preview of video in window

9.     Click on Insert. The video will be inserted as a clickable link.

Clickable link 

10.  Click on Save changes at the bottom of the screen. The completed submission will look something like this:

 Completed submission

Summer 2020 – C. Allen