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Use the Cougar Courses Template

Why Do This?

We understand that it can be challenging to find the time to create or redesign a course in Cougar Courses. Particularly in online courses, a consistent and easy to navigate course can make things much easier for both you and your students. To this end, we have created an online course template. The template can be restored into your empty course, or merged with existing course content. It includes many of the elements recommended in the Quality Learning and Teaching guidelines used extensively in the CSU, and contains instructions on how to customize the template for your course. Below you’ll see some screenshots of the course.

Most likely you have already been enrolled in this container, but if not, we have set the course to guest access, so you  can self-enroll in the course. Check it out and if you decide to use it, download the backup file we've added to the course and restore it into your course to edit to fit your needs. If you do use it,  we would love to hear your feedback and any suggestions for improvements:

Accessing the Online Course Template

  1. Log on to Cougar Courses. On your My Courses page you should see a course called “online course template” along with your other current, visible courses. If so, click on the course to enter and skip to step 6.

 online course template

  1. If you do not see the course, click on Close on the upper right to close your My Courses page. It should take you back to the Cougar Courses homepage. If not, click on the Cougar Courses link in the upper left.

 close button

  1. Scroll down to the Search box. Enter “online course template” in the search box and then click Go.

 search courses box

  1. Click the course name in the search results.

 online course template in search results

  1. Click the blue “Enroll me” button.

enroll me button

  1. In the online course template see the topic “Instructors: Using this Template” for download file and instructions.
    Instructors: Use this Template section

Preview of Course Elements

 The Contents area

contents area

Part of the first module: Help and Course Communications

Help and Course Communications section

Part of the second module: Start the Course Here

Start the Course Here section

Module template

module template