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Why use this?

Feedback allows you to survey your students. Feedback surveys can be anonymous or not, can allow for a single response or multiple responses from the same user, and can either display the results to students or remain private. Question types include Short Text Answer, Longer Text Answer, Multiple Choice, and Numeric Answer.

It is very similar to another activity called Questionnaire. The main difference is that with Questionnaire you can have the system automatically award points to students for taking the survey, while Feedback is completely ungraded. For more information, please see our help guide on Questionnaire

Feedback Settings

Click on the Create Learning Activity link at the bottom of the section/topic in which you would like the Feedback to appear.

Choose activity window

Click on the Feedback icon.

Give this survey a Name and Description.

On the right side there are sections of settings that allow you to adjust various choices about how the survey will work.


Allows you to set open and close dates/times for the survey.

Availability controls

Question and submission settings

question settings

  • Record user names - set whether user names will be recorded or anonymous.
  • Allow multiple submissions - If the above is set to Anonymous, allowing multiple submissions means each student can take the survey an unlimited number of times.
  • Enable notification - if turned on, you will be notified when students submit.
  • Auto number questions - enables or disables automatic numbering of survey questions.

After submission

After submission interface

  • Show analysis page - If set to Yes, students will be able to see the summary results. If set to No, only the instructor will see the summary results.
  • Completion message - a message the student will see upon submission.
  • Link to next activity - if left blank, students will be re-directed back to the course homepage.

When finished, click Save & Display.

Add/Edit Questions

Use the Edit Questions tab to add/edit questions.

Adding questions

For explanations of the different options, please refer to this page:

View Analysis

Click the Analysis tab to view a graphical summary of the results of each question.

View Responses

Click the Show Responses tab to view each individual response to the survey.