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Cougar Courses Help: Recycle Bin 

Summer 2020 – C. Allen 

 What is the recycle bin? 

You can delete topics and activities in CC. The recycle bin allows instructors to retrieve course elements they have mistakenly deleted.  

How does it work? 

When you delete an item in CC, a message will pop up: 

 Deletion confirmation window

If you confirm the deletion, and discover that was a mistake, don’t worry. After a short while, a 'Recycle bin' link will appear in the gear menu in the upper right corner 

 Course admin menu

 The delay in the 'Recycle bin' link appearing is because it requires a scheduled job to run on the server and the page to be refreshed. 

Recycle bin window Inside the Recycle Bin you can: 

  • Restore items 
  • Delete items 
  • Delete all items in the list