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Reports and Analytics Graphs

Why do this?

There a number of useful reports located under Reports in the Course Administration area. These reports can help you get an overview of the activity in your course.

To access, while on your course homepage click the gear icon in the upper right. Then click on Reports.

Accessibility Report

The Accessibility Report gives you an overview of the accessibility of the materials in your course as determined by Ally. For more information, please see our help pages on Ally.


Dates allows you to bulk edit just the dates to course activities. For more information, please see our help guide "Change Dates for Activities in One Location."


Groups allows you to bulk edit the Common Module Settings group settings for course activities. This can allow you to set multiple activities to group mode (and the correct grouping) in one place. While this can be useful for Forums, please keep in mind that for Assignments you do still need to go into the settings of each group Assignment and in the Group Submission Settings section set "Students submit in groups" to Yes.


Logs displays nearly all actions taken by users in a course. Actions include, but are not limited to, clicking on course materials, editing or submitting Assignments, taking and submitting Quizzes, posting in Forums, etc. Instructors can view the logs for the entire course, while students can only view their own logs. These logs can be filtered by specific user, date, and activity/resource. The logs can also be exported to CSV to open and manipulate in Excel.

Live Logs

Similar to Logs, Live Logs shows the most recently taken actions in the course.

Activity Report

Activity Report gives a high-level overview of users' engagement with the activities and resources in the course. Each activity and resource is listed (in order) with the number of times it has been viewed (clicked on), by how many users, and the date and time of the last view. The report can be filtered by dates.

Course Participation

Course Participation is similar to Activity Report, but more specific. Course Participation will show you how many times each user has viewed (clicked on) an activity and, for certain activity types, show how many times each user has posted/submitted. Course Participation can be filtered by time period, role, and action (view or post).

Activity Completion

The Activity Completion Report allows the instructor to quickly see who has and has not completed tracked items, as set in the Activity Completion section of the settings of the items. The Activity Completion section is in the settings of every activity and resource and allows you to set how that activity or resource can be marked as complete. Complete can mean different things based on the item, from the student simply viewing, to submitting, to receiving a grade. By default, the completion tracking for every item is that users can manually mark items as complete. For more information, please see our help guide on Activity Completion.


Statistics takes the data from Course Participation and displays it in graph form. You can filter the data by user role and time period.

Analytics Graphs

 There are multiple reports contained within Analytics Graphs. These graphs can visualise what is going on in your course and may help you notice matters that otherwise might have been overlooked.

  • Grades Chart
    • Displays distribution of student grades for activities. Choose the specific activities to be included in the chart. The chart displays the division of grades given for the chosen activity as a box plot, in which a line represents the mean grade for half the students (50 percentile) and a box represents the dispersion between 25% and 75% of the students. A dotted line gives the outlying lowest and highest grade. By adding multiple assignments to the chart you can check progress over time. In looking at a particular activity you can click on the box to view the breakdown. From here you can bulk message students based on how well they did. You can also export the image or to CSV to look at in Excel.
  • Content Accesses
    • Shows the distribution of access to selected actitives and resources after a set date and time. For each item selected a green bar indicates the number of enrolled students who have accessed the activity at least once since the set date and time. A red bar indicates the number of those who have not accessed the activity since the set date and time. Clicking a bar will list the students by name and allow you to bulk message them.
  • Number of Active Students
    • Contains two graphs: one that shows the number of active students per hour (based on the time period set in the upper left), and another that shows the number of student actions per hour (based on the time period set the in the upper left). In the upper right of each graph you can download the graph as an image or as data.
  • Assignment Submissions
    • Shows distribution of how many on-time, late, and no submissions to each Assignment. A line graph overlays the bar charts and can indicate the trend (increasing or decreasing participation). Clicking the bars will allow you to see which students are in each group and to bulk message students. You can also export the image or to CSV to look at in Excel.
  • Quiz Submissions
    • Similar to Assignment Submissions but for submitted quizzes.
  • Turnitin Submissions
    • Similar to Assignment Submissions but for Turnitin submissions.
  • Hits Distribution
    • Displays how often each user is accessing the course and its resources in each course week. This makes it easy to spot students who have not looked at any course material for the past week or two and to send them a message.