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FAQs About Assignments and Turnitin

  • Assignment: Can I make a group assignment?

    Yes, you can create a group assignment using the Assignment activity. A group assignment means when one member of the group submits, the submission is applied to all group members. And when you grade, the grade and feedback is given to all group members. Turnitin Assignment does not yet have this capability. 

    When you set up the Assignment, you will enable group submissions in the Group Submission Settings section. See the Group Submissions Settings section in our help guide on how to create an Assignment for more information.

    You will need to create the groups within your course before they begin submitting to the group Assignment. Please see our help guide on how to Create Groups and Groupings.

  • Assignment: A student submitted to the group Assignment and their submission was applied to everyone/the wrong group members! How do I fix it?

    If an Assignment is set so that students submit in groups and the groups or groupings are not properly created, it can result in a submission being applied to every student in the course, or to the wrong group members. Unfortunately there is no way to resolve. You will need to make a duplicate of the Assignment, fix the issue with the groups and groupings, and then have students resubmit to the new Assignment (you can delete the broken one).
  • How do I allow a student a second attempt on an assignment?

    Please see the section on how to Edit Submission Status in our help guide on how to Manage Assignment Submissions for your options.
  • Assignment: I already graded my Assignment but I want to change what it's worth (the max grade). Can I do that?

    Yes, you can change the max grade for an Assignment that has already been graded.

    1. Go into the settings of the Assignment (on your course homepage click the pencil icon underneath).
    2. Go to the Grade section.
    3. You will need to choose whether or not to rescale the existing grades. If you rescale the grades, the student grades will be converted. If you do not rescale the grades, the student grades will not be changed. For example, say you graded a student submission as 10/20. If you rescale the grades and change the max grade to 10, the student's grade will now be 5/10. If you do not rescale the grades and change the max grade to 10, the student's grade will be 10/10.
    4. Change the Maximum Grade.
    5. Save changes.
  • Turnitin: Students can't see their feedback or grade.

    Students can’t view the feedback in Turnitin or see their grade in the gradebook until after the Post Date. To edit this date:

    1. Click on the Turnitin Assignment on your course homepage to go to the Submission Inbox.
    2. At the top of the page, click the pencil icon to the right of the current Post Date.
    3. Modify the date, then click in a blank area of the page to save.
  • Turnitin: My grades aren't displayed in the gradebook.

    If you see the grades when you click on the individual papers, but they aren't displaying in the Turnitin inbox you might need to refresh the submissions. Go to the submission inbox and for each submission click the refresh submission icon (located to the left of the trashcan icon).  If this doesn't resolve the issue, contact us at Please include the course name and number and the name of the Turnitin Assignment.
  • Turnitin: I set the maximum grade to [#] but it has a different number in the gradebook.

    Turnitin Assignments allow you to create multiple parts within one assignment. Each part has a separate grade. This means you have to set the grade in at least two places in the settings - the overall grade and the grade(s) for the parts. If you only have one part, the settings can be easy to miss. Go into the settings and go to the Grade Section. Make sure the Maximum Grade is correct. Then, go to Assignment Part 1 and make sure the Max Grade is correct. Save.

    Unfortunately if you have already graded the Turnitin Assignment the max grade for the gradebook cannot be changed. To change there are two options:

    1. Create a manual grade item set to the correct amount, manually enter the student grades there, and set the weight of the original Turnitin Assignment to 0. Here is our help guide on how to add a manual grade item. Here is our help guide on how to manually enter grades.
    2. Create a category that uses Simple Weighted Mean for the Aggregation and has the max grade set to the correct amount. Put the Turnitin Assignment into that category. The category will convert the incorrect grade to the correct grade. Here is our help guide on how to create a category.
  • Turnitin: Can I make a group assignment?

    Unfortunately Turnitin doesn’t support group assignments. So when a student submits on behalf of their group, the submission is not applied to all group members. And when you grade, the grade and feedback is only available to that individual student, not all group members. For other students in the group (who didn't submit) to see the feedback, the student who uploaded it will need to download the paper and share it via email. To grade the other students in the group  you will need to manually override their grade in the gradebook. 

  • Turnitin: My student submitted something, but there is no Similarity score and I can't open it in Turnitin.

    This error can be caused when Turnitin is experiencing problems, but it can also be caused if a student uploads an unsupported file type. If resubmissions are allowed and the due date has not passed, have the student submit again after converting to an acceptable file format (doc, docx, pdf). If resubmissions are not allowed or the due date had passed, either download the submission or have the student send you the submission via email. Convert to an acceptable file type. In the Submission Inbox delete their current submission and upload the new file.

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