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FAQs About Forums and Blogs

  • My students say they can't post in the forum. How do I fix this?

    There are two possible explanations for why your student(s) can't post. First, do you have the Forum set to Visible Groups or Separate Groups? If so, the student(s) are likely not in a group. Also, did you set the appropriate grouping? If so, it might be that the groups are not associated with that grouping. For either, please see out help guide on how to Create Groups and Groupings.

    The other possible explanation is that you set your forum type to the Q&A Forum Type, but did not post any questions. When using a Q&A Forum Type you, the instructor, must post first. You are posting the "question." Students then come in and reply to your question with their "answer" (hence the name Q&A). Students cannot post questions, so if there are no questions posted, students are unable to post in the forum. Question posts are not brought over when importing or restoring course content, so they will need to be re-posted each term.

  • I am trying to grade my forum using Whole Forum Grading, but the posts won't diplsay or I get an error!

    There are a few reasons why you might not be able to grade a forum using Whole Forum Grading:

    1. Your forum is hidden. Unforunately hidden posts cannot be graded using Whole Forum Grading. Make sure your forum is visible before grading.
    2. You are using a Q&A Forum type and set a Display End Date on your question(s). When the Display End Date is reached, the question (and all replies) are hidden. Hidden posts cannot be graded. Unforunately you cannot remove the Display End Date yourself. Please email us at with the name and number of the course and name of the forum. We can then go in and remove the Display End Date.
    3. You set the grading method to Rubric or Grading Grade, but didn't attach the rubric/guide. Make sure your rubric/guide is attached before grading. Please see our help guide on adding a rubric/grading guide to a forum.
    4. You set access restrictions in the Restrict Access section. Unfortunately much like hiding your forum, setting access restrictions messes with Whole Forum Grading. Remove the access restrictions before grading.
  • I have already graded my forum, but I want to change what it's worth (the max grade). Can I do that?

    Unfortunately if you have already graded the Forum the max grade cannot be changed. To change there are two options:

    1. Create a manual grade item set to the correct amount, manually enter the student grades there, and set the weight of the original Forum to 0. Here is our help guide on how to add a manual grade item. Here is our help guide on how to manually enter grades.
    2. Create a category that uses Simple Weighted Mean for the Aggregation and has the max grade set to the correct amount. Put the Forum into that category. The category will convert the incorrect grade to the correct grade. Here is our help guide on how to create a category.
  • My students say they can't see the intro/instructions for the OU Blog. How can I show it to them?

    Go into the settings and make sure the box for the setting "Show intro when posting" is checked. If it is not checked, students will not see the intro/instructions. If it is checked, students won't see the intro/instructions until they click "New blog post." If you want them to see the instructions before they click "New blog post" you will want to provide the instructions in a different area - perhaps a word doc or page added to the module the OU Blog is in.

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