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Getting Zoom Links Into Cougar Courses

  1. Log into your Zoom web portal (

  2. Click on the Login to Host a Meeting button in the upper right corner.

  3. Click on the Recordings tab on the left.Recordings tab in Zoom portal


  4. Use the search tools at the top to find the recording you want to share.

  5. Click the Share button to the right of the recording you want to share.Share this cloud recording window

  6. This opens the Share this cloud recording window. There are some choices here:

    1. Publicly vs. Only authenticated users. If you choose Auth Users, only people logged into a CSUSM Zoom account will be able to view.

    2. Add expiry date to the link lets you expire the link. Viewers can download you usually do not want folks downloading your videos.

    3. On-demand registration requires folks to register to view. Not generally useful for classes.

    4. Passcode protection this will require viewers to enter a password you set to access.


  7. Click on Copy sharing information to clipboard. The sharing link will be in the clipboard so you can paste into Cougar Courses.


  8. Refer to this page to see how to paste this into a URL Resource in CC: urls/index.html.