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Create Questions Requiring Audio, Video or Drawn Response


You can now create questions that incorporate a brief recorded audio, video or a drawn image response using the Poodll Recording question type. The recorders or whiteboard are embedded within the questions and students’ answers are saved within your course or available for download. Adding a background to the whiteboard in a Picture response allows you to create questions such as identifying locations on a map, graphing charts, etc. Poodll questions are graded manually.

  1.  Log onto Cougar courses and go to the main page of your course. 
  2. If using question categories:
      1.  in the Administration block,  select Question bank, then Questions. 
      2. from the dropdown, select the category
      3. click Create a new question.

       If creating the question within the quiz:

a. click the quiz link from your homepage. In the Quiz administration block select Edit quiz. 
b. click the Add dropdown and select a new question. By default your question will be added to page 1 of the quiz.

 4. Select Poodll recording question type.

 5. Click the Add button. 

Poodll recording question selected from list
6. Click Next.

General Settings 

general settings

7. Question name: enter a short, descriptive name. This is displayed in question lists - students do not see this.

8. Question text: enter your question text or instructions. Use the text editor to format text, add images, links, or a brief audio or video recording to your question.

text editor expanded

9. Default Mark: change the question’s point value if desired.

10. General feedback (optional) : type general feedback, that will be shown after the students submits the question, or quiz

11.  Select the desired Response format:

Poodll recording type dropdown and time limit

  • Use Audio response for audio recordings . 
  • Use Video response for video with audio recording.
  • Use Picture response for a whiteboard.

12.  Recording time limit : Set a maximum time limit  less than 2 minutes for the student's audio or video recorded response.

13. Question resource:  Allows you to upload a background image to the whiteboard in a Picture response question. 

14. Whiteboard size:  Select a size (in pixels) for the whiteboard in a Picture response question. 

question resource field with uploaded file

15.  Scroll to the bottom and click Save changes. Select  Save changes and continue editing, if you are still working on that question. 

IMPORTANT: Setup your quiz so there is only 1 PoodLL question per page. See Creating a quiz for instructions.

What Students See

Audio response question

audio response student view


Video response question

video recorder in question

 Picture response  question with background image

whiteboard question with a grid background

Additional Settings and Editing Functions

options for quiz questions

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