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Setup an Essay Question Template

When using an essay question, you can create a template, which will display in the response field. This allows you to ensure students address all parts of the question, or to create multiple essay questions and allow the students to respond to just one.  For more information on creating questions within the quiz, or the question bank see Faculty Guides>Quiz>Create Quiz Questions.


1. Log onto Cougar Courses and go to the main page of your course.

2. Click Turn editing on.

3. In the question bank, or the quiz, select Add a Question, and choose Essay

question types

 4.  Enter a question name and question text as you would for any other question type.

Response Options

5. Response format: select HTML editor

6. Require text:  select Require the student to enter text

7. Input box size:  use the dropdown to adjust the size of the response field.

Response Template

8. Type your text into the Response Template text box. Whatever you type here will show up in the response field of the question. 

Instructor View

essay template field

Student View

essay question with template