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Submitting a Poodll Recording to an Assignment

Poodll allows you to create short (less than 5 min) audio or video recordings within an Assignment in Cougar Courses using your computer's microphone and webcam (either internal or external).

Poodll Setup/Playback Requirements

  • Use a recent version of Firefox or Chrome.
  • If using an external microphone and/or camera, connect these to your computer before proceeding.
  • Check/ adjust your computers settings to ensure the attached devices are set as the default for recording.


Please see the Poodll website list of common problems and solutions. If you’re unable to resolve your issue, contact

Submitting a Poodll Recording to an Assignment

The steps for creating and submitting a Poodll audio recording and a Poodll video recording are the same.

  1. Click on the assignment from the course homepage.

 assignment link on course homepage

  1. Click the Add Submission button.

 Add submission button

  1. This will bring you to the page with the Poodll recorder.

 Poodll audio recorderor Poodll video recorder

  • Click the gears icon in the lower right to select your microphone/camera.
  • Click the microphone/camera icon to begin recording.
  • Click the pause icon to pause the recording. When finished recording click the stop icon.
  • Click the play icon to play back your recording.
  • If satisfied, click Save at the bottom of the recorder. Wait until it says “Uploaded successfully” at the top of the recorder.
  1. Click Save changes button below the recorder.

 Poodll audio recorder and save changes button or Poodll video recorder and save changes button

  1. You will be taken back to the page with the assignment details. Your recording should be listed/linked in the box on the right, along with the date and time it was submitted, and updated submission status. If you see your recording listed/linked and do not see a “submit assignment” button, your recording has been successfully submitted and no further action is required. You can return to edit/replace the recording until the due date.

 Poodll recording submission status

  1. If you do see If you see a “Submit assignment” button at the bottom it means currently your recording is a draft. As a draft you can return and edit/replace the recording until the due date. When you are ready to submit, click the Submit assignment button. Once the assignment is submitted you will not be able to make any more changes.  

submit button under submission

Editing your Poodll Recording

If the assignment is still open and either there is no Submit button or you have not yet clicked it, you can edit your recording.

When viewing the assignment click the Edit submission button.

poodll submission status and edit and remove submission buttons

This will bring you to the recorder page. Follow steps 3 and 4 above. When you save changes, it will replace the original submission with your new one.

Other Poodll Recording Options