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Using the Poodll Video Recoder

Why do this?

The PoodLL camera recorder gives you the capability to add this media anywhere you can add text using the text editor. For an instructor this includes adding short video instructions in the description field of any activity or resource, as well as in quiz questions and assignments that require video responses from the students.

It is important to keep these videos short, typically 3 minutes or less.


Setup/Playback Requirements

  • Use a recent version of Firefox or Chrome. These browsers will display the new HTML5 video recorder and the recordings can be viewed within Cougar Courses. 

  • If using an external microphone and/or camera, connect these to your computer before proceeding.

  • Check/ adjust your computers settings to ensure the attached devices are set as the default for recording.

  • Ensure your computer can play back media using Quicktime or Windows Media player.

  • For some computers, (Macs) Quicktime may request access to Cougar Courses before starting video playback.

Though many browsers don’t automatically enable Flash, so the recorder may not be displayed until you enable Flash. The Flash recorder creates a .flv file, which must be downloaded to view it. This can be time consuming for instructors who need to view and grade many recordings.


Please see the PoodLL website list of common problems and solutions. If you’re unable to resolve your issue, contact

Using PoodLL in the Text Editor

1. In the text editing area, locate the video icon and click on it. You may need to click to expand icon, to locate it.

text editing area

2.  The first time you record with the camera on a computer, you may see a message asking you to click to allow Cougar Courses to access your microphone and camera. If the recorder doesn’t open, check for a popup window, or your computer notifying you that it has blocked a popup you’ll need to enable.


Basics of Video Recording

1. The recording screen may be blank, until you click the Record button.

record button

2. Once your face appears in the recording window, begin speaking.

3. Use the Stop button when finished.

4. Click Play to review your recording.



5. Click Upload and wait until the Upload successfully message appears.

upload sucessful


6. Click Insert.


  • You can record multiple times before uploading.

  • If you cancel a recording before uploading and inserting, you’ll have to cancel out of that page/activity and then open it again.

7. You should see the .mp4 recording name in the text entry field. Note: You can not change this name.

mp4 file name


8. Click Save.

Submitting a PoodLL Assignment Video

1. Click the assignment name on the course homepage, then click the Add submission button.

add submission

2. Follow steps 1-4 in the Basics of VideoRecording section above.


3. After the recording is uploaded successfully, click Save Changes.

save changes

4. Your video will display in the submission window. To make changes, click Edit submission.

edit submission

5. The video recorder should open below your submitted video. Record a new video, upload and Save changes.

record, upload, save changes

Submitting a Quiz Question Repsonse Video

1. The recorder should be displayed in the question field. Follow steps 1-4 in the Basics of Video Recording section above.

question field

2. Do not click to the Next page until your video has uploaded successfully.

next page

3. To change your answer, navigate back to the question with your video response.

4. The video recorder should open below your submitted video. Record a new video, upload and save changes.

record, upload, and save changes