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Adding a Profile Picture

You can add a picture which will display on your profile page and next to your name in any course activity (forum posts, assignment submissions, etc.). Use good judgement when selecting your profile picture as it is site-wide and thus viewable by other students and users outside of your courses.

  1. On your My Courses page, click Profile under your name at the top.

 profile link at the top of My Courses page

  1. Click on Edit Profile under User Details on the left.

 profile page

  1. Note: Although it appears you can change your name and email address from this page, you actually cannot. Any changes will be overridden upon your next login.
  2. User picture: You can drag and drop your picture from your computer into the New Picture box.

User picture area

  • If not, click the green + symbol in the center of the box.
  • In the File Picker popup window click Upload a file on the left, then click the Browse button and locate the image file on your computer. Finally, click Upload this file.

5. Your image should appear in the New picture box.

 picture displays in New Picture box

6. Scroll to the bottom and click Update profile.

 update profile button