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Taking a Quiz in Cougar Courses

Note: If your exam requires Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor please see our help guide Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor Troubleshooting for more information on its installation and use.

IMPORTANT: Do not use the back button on your browser while taking a quiz. This might delete unsaved answers and kick you out of the quiz. Depending on the quiz settings, you may not be able to continue your attempt.

  1. Locate the Quiz in your course and click on the Quiz name.

 quiz in module on course homepage

  1. On this page you will see the details of the Quiz. Note the number of attempts, when the quiz closes, and any time limit. Once you begin a quiz, the timer will start and cannot be paused or stopped.
  1. When ready to start your quiz, click the Attempt Quiz Now button.

 quiz details page with "attempt quiz now" button

  1. Review the information in the “Start attempt” popup message. When ready, click the Start attempt button to load the first page. In a timed quiz, clicking the Start attempt button starts the timer. Once you begin a quiz, the timer will start and cannot be paused or stopped.

 start attempt button

  1. Your time left will be displayed at the bottom of the browser window. When you have about 15 seconds left, the time left box will flash and begin turning red. When it reaches zero, your attempt will automatically be submitted.

 time left box

  1. Answer the question(s) on the page and click “Next page” in the lower right to move on to the next page. Your answers will be automatically saved.

 next page button

  1. If you are having trouble with a question and want to review it later, click the Flag Question option.

 flag question option under question title

  1. The Quiz Navigation block on the bottom of the page shows you a list of questions and a link to jump to the end to finish and submit your attempt.
    1. Questions that you have answered will have a grey background.
    2. Questions you have not answered will have a white background.
    3. Questions you flagged will have a little red corner.
    4. The question you are currently on will have a bold outline.
    5. To go to a question, simply click on the question number.

 quiz navigation block

  1. When you click “Finish attempt” on the last question, or in the Quiz Navigation block, you will be taken to a summary of your attempt. Make sure all of the questions say “Answer saved.” If not, click “Return to attempt” or click on the question number to go back to that question.

 summary of attempt with "return to attempt" button

  1. When you are satisfied with your attempt, click the Submit all and finish button to submit your quiz.

 submit all and finish button

  1. Another Confirmation box will pop up. Confirm that you do want to submit your quiz by clicking “Submit all and finish.

 confirmation popup

  1. You will then be shown a summary of your attempts, including date and time each was submitted. Depending on the settings enabled by your instructor, you might see your score and be able to review your attempt. What you see and when you see it depends on what settings your instructor has enabled. If you have any questions, you should contact your instructor.

 summary of previous attempts page