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Submitting a Recording to a Poodll Quiz Question

Poodll allows you to create short (less than 5 min) audio or video recordings within a Quiz in Cougar Courses using your computer's microphone and webcam (either internal or external).

Poodll Setup/Playback Requirements

  • Use a recent version of Firefox or Chrome.
  • If using an external microphone and/or camera, connect these to your computer before proceeding.
  • Check/ adjust your computers settings to ensure the attached devices are set as the default for recording.


Please see the Poodll website list of common problems and solutions. If you’re unable to resolve your issue, contact

Submitting a Poodll Recording in a Quiz

When you get to the Poodll question(s) you will see either the audio or the video recorder:

 Poodll audio recorder in quiz question or Poodll video recorder in quiz question

  • Click the gears icon in the lower right to select your microphone/camera.
  • Click the microphone/camera icon to begin recording.
  • Click the pause icon to pause the recording. When finished recording click the stop icon.
  • Click the play icon to play back your recording.

If satisfied, click Upload at the bottom of the recorder. Wait until it says “Uploaded successfully” at the top of the recorder before moving on to the next question or page.

uploaded successfully message in audio recorder or uploaded successfully message in video recorder

Other Poodll Recording Options