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Media Production Studios

Not sure what media can do, or how to branch out into new areas? Let us help. It's like having your own private media consultants.

Using Media for Teaching and Learning

CSUSM offers a variety of tools for accomplishing this work, from the very basic to the very advanced. From software to three full production studios, we can support you to accomplish your goals. Contact us with your ideas and availability so we can discuss your goals and how to match them to appropriate technologies. Email: to get started.

What We're About

Media Production Services (MPS) has the pieces you need to produce media for face-to-face and online courses and programs. Our staff expertise and equipment are available to support your needs.

  • Lecture capture - Record and deliver presentations that synchronize video, audio, and screen using Zoom.
  • Video studio production - Three studios that are well-lit with professional gear and experts to support your needs.
  • Field Production - The helpdesk has equipment available for students to checkout and shoot off campus.
  • Audio production - ProTools-based audio studios and quiet spaces for individual or group recordings.
  • Post-production - Use one of our editing rooms or any computer lab on campus.
  • Media delivery - Students can upload their final product to YouTube or Google Drive. Faculty and staff can upload to YouTube or Microsoft Stream.
  • Live streaming - Use Zoom to bring in a guest speaker, campus presenter, or stream your event to more people.
  • Captioning for ADA - All public facing videos need to be captioned. Submit the caption request form and give 72 hours notice (excluding weekends).
IITS Support760.750.4790helpdesk@csusm.eduMonday - Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm