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Presentation Recording

Sometimes called "lecture capture," our Mediasite system allows faculty, staff, and students to record presentations for web delivery. These presentations include video and audio of the presenter as well as recording whatever is happening on the computer screen during the presentation. Recording is really easy to do, and we can help you get started. You can record almost anywhere you would like to: in your office, at home, in the classroom.

Some of the great features of the system:

  • You can teach the way you are used to, without having to modify your existing materials;
  • Almost no post-production or editing required, means your material is ready to go as soon as you hit the stop button;
  • It provides a number of ways for students to interact with the material, including video, audio, high-resolution screen captures, links to supporting materials, and others.
  • This media will work across platforms and browsers for maximum access;
  • We take care of captioning for hearing impaired students for you.

Depiction of Mediasite workflow.

Once created, all media are placed in a content management system - a catalog of media - and we can provide you with links or organized pages of links to place in Cougar Courses. This media is guaranteed to work across modern operating systems and browsers so your audience can access them how they want. If you'd like to get started, please go to the MyMediasite page using the navigation on the left side of the screen.