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Presentation Recording

Sometimes called "lecture capture," we have several ways for faculty, students, and staff to record and distribute media content.

Presentation recording workflow diagram

First you need to record - this may include what’s on the screen of your computer, video of you yourself, and of course your spoken words. Secondly you need to be able to manage your recordings, to get them to the persons that need them in a format that works for them. There are a variety of ways to record and distribute video. Which one you choose depends on what kind of videos you want to record, who needs to record, and who needs to view. Some of the options include:

Things that record

So which recorder is right for me?

Let's look at some scenarios:

 I want to record some short lecture portions that I can place online in Cougar Courses.

  • Camtasia - is designed for just this kind of thing - a best-in-class screen recording system with extensive editing and annotation capabilities. You can:
      • Record
      • Edit
      • Upload to a delivery system such as YouTube or Google Drive.
    • Microsoft Stream - you can:
      • Upload existing videos.
      • Record your screen with narration for up to 15 minutes.
      • Manage your videos and links in a web portal.
      • Note that Stream is not good for distributing video outside of CSUSM.
  • Zoom - you can:
    • Start a Zoom conference.
    • Click to Record to the Cloud.
    • When you’re done use the Zoom admin portal to manage your recordings and share them.

 I want my students to record presentations and upload to Cougar Courses for peer review and grading.

  • Short videos - for videos that are less than 3 mins, consider using Poodll, a CC plug-in.
  • Longer videos - for longer videos:
    • Microsoft Stream

 I'm doing live sessions in which there is information that would be good for students to review later on.

  • Zoom - use Zoom to web conference and choose Record to the Cloud. Use the Zoom admin portal to manage your recordings and share them. Zoom’s record feature allows you to pause and restart recording during a session.

 I want to do some really fancy videos that will require editing and graphics.

  • Camtasia Studio is one of the top screen-recording products available. For that reason it is more complex and can take some time to get used to.

Things that stream the recorded media:

  • Google Drive - you may already have a Gdrive account. Lots of folks don't know that you can easily stream videos you put into it. There are limitations.
  • YouTube - the worldwide standard for delivering video online. We won’t bother linking to resources here, since there are so many - on YouTube.
  • Microsoft Stream - you can upload existing videos to Stream for streaming, be aware that you can only stream to folks that have a CSUSM login.