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CSUSM Change Password

The CSUSM Change Password website has a new look. This new application enforces previous rules and the new features are listed here:

  • (NEW)  Dictionary words are not allowed and the password cannot repeat words that contain 5 consecutive characters from your old password or username
  • (NEW) you will receive daily reminders prior to the expiration date if the password continues to not be updated.
  • Etc…
  • (NEW) Special characters are allowed in passwords: ~!@#$%^&*_-+=`|(){}[]:;”‘<>,.?/
  • (NEW) Enrollment is required so the the self service challenge questions are setup and the mobile ready format is available
  • As in the previous application, passwords will need to be at least eight characters in length, at least one lower case letter, at least one upper case letter, and at least one number
, and passwords must not contain restricted patterns (for example CSUSM or password).

The old site will become unavailable after 9/13/2017.  If you have questions contact IITS.  Faculty or Staff please read information here for the steps to change your password.  Student information is available through the Student Technology Helpdesk Usernames and Passwords site

Here is the previous Password Change page : 

Old page used for password resets

Here is the new Password Change page.  It is located at

NEW page used for password resets