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Week 1: Cybersafety for Students

Here at CSUSM we take Cybersafety seriously, and we want all of our students to have the tools and knowledge necessary to combat todays cyber threats and stay safe out there on the world wide web.

To this end, our Chief Information Security Officer has created learning materials for cybersecurity safety, which can be found in the Cybersecurity Education Hub.  

Watch our video on Cybersecurity Safety, and follow along with the presentation slides:

In addition, keep these Cybersafety tips in mind whenever you explore the Internet:

  1. Be aware that some things you download can be malware.  Be careful to only use reputable sources
  2. Choose strong passwords and don't reuse your password at multipe places.  We recommend using a password manager application to generate strong passwords and store your login credentials.
  3. Don't post things that will embarrass you or jeopardize your future career - the Internet never forgets!
  4. Keep your anti-malware software up to date and scan your system regularly.
  5. Always enable 2-factor authentication!