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Editing the Contact Us Footer

Users can edit the footer “Contact US” email at the bottom of a page with a link to an individual's or department email.

Pro Tip: Several emails can be used and the email can be set up by folder level within your site.

Steps for Editing the Contact Us link:

  1. Go to Content and select pages
  2. Within the folder site structure, locate  the main site area you would like to update the "Contact Us" footer link. 
  3. Click on the main area's folder (this can be a sub-folder within a site's structure)
  4. You will see the pages contained within that folder
  5. Locate the "_props.pcf" file and click on the listing.
  6. Click the Lightbulb so that it is "Checked out" and yellow.
  7. Select Edit
  8. Select Properties
  9. Enter content owner’s campus username (John Smith > jsmith) –OR- shared department email (Web Team > web) in the Contact Us Email Account  field.
    • Do not enter in the portion of the email! This will automatically be generated for you.
  10. Publish your entire site or entire folder for this change to take effect.

Visual Guide:

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