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John Humes Selected to Serve as IITS Interim CIO

(November 17, 2021)

John Humes, currently IITS’ Information Security Officer, has been selected to serve as the Interim Chief Information Officer (CIO) and will be leading the unit through the transition period from Dean/CIO Morningstar’s retirement (on December 30th) until the successful conclusion of a formal search for the next CIO. Throughout his career at CSUSM, John Humes has demonstrated strong leadership qualities and an ability to successfully navigate challenges. These leadership qualities combined with broad technical expertise and a focus on moving the unit forward make John Humes an excellent choice for the role of IITS Interim CIO.

John has had a long career at CSUSM and IITS, starting out in 1995 as a student assistant and becoming an Equipment Technician in 1996. He then progressed through what is now IITS’ server administration team as an Operating Systems Analyst before joining the networking team in 2000. He next shifted his focus to Information Security, becoming an Information Security Analyst in 2012. John was then promoted to Director of IT Operations in August 2016 and took over his current post as Information Security Officer in January 2020.

John’s leadership and technical qualities, CSUSM experience, and strong working relationships make him a great choice to lead IITS through the upcoming transition.  

Campus Announcement - November 17, 2021

Dear CSUSM employees,

Recently we shared the news that, after more than six years of service to CSUSM, Kevin Morningstar, dean of Instructional and Information Technology Services (IITS) and chief information officer (CIO), will be retiring at the end of this calendar year. As we prepare to launch a national search for the next IITS leader, we are pleased to share with you that John Humes has been appointed as interim CIO effective Jan. 1.

A proud two-time graduate of CSUSM (Bachelor of Science in computer science and Master of Science in cybersecurity), John began his career in IITS as a student assistant in 1995. Since that time, he has been progressively promoted into new roles, including equipment technician, operating systems analyst, network analyst, information security analyst, network operations team lead and information security team lead. In August 2016, he became director of informational technology operations, and he currently serves as information security officer, a position he has held since January 2020.

With his depth of knowledge and experience with IITS assets and services, in addition to his management experience and education, John is well qualified to support and lead the IITS team during this period of transition. Over the remaining weeks of 2021, he will be working closely with Dean Morningstar to help ensure a smooth transition of IITS leadership.

As the search process begins for our next permanent CIO, we are continuing to assess and consult with members of our faculty and staff about a potential transition of the department into the division of Finance and Administrative Services. In the meantime, please join us in congratulating John Humes as he prepares to step into this interim appointment as we also extend our deep thanks to Dean Morningstar for his many years of leadership to CSUSM.


Carl Kemnitz, Ph.D.
Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs

Leon Wyden
Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services