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Spring 2020 Technology Spotlights

IITS // Spotlights // Spring 2020 Technology Spotlights

Answering the Call for Student Services

Posted May 2020

IITS leadership redirected all efforts to rapidly deploy the Mitel softphone solution. This effort included softphone extensions for campus employees working from home as well as a full Automated Call Distribution (ACD) functionality. These new services include enhancements such as virtual queueing of calls and end-user enhancements such as "screen pop."

Mitel phone

IITS Rapidly Adapting to Change

Posted April 2020

During spring 2020, the CSUSM campus community looked to IITS for a coordinated and swift response that provided solutions which enabled students, faculty, and staff to make the unplanned shift to virtual. Through equipment loans, technical support, training, and deployment of several new IT solutions, the campus successfully met the new challenges of a distributed and virtual work and learning space.

IITS student assistant at the helpdesk cleaning checkout equipment

Teams Helps to Ensure a Smooth Transition

Posted March 2020

As the campus rapidly shifted to virtual, Teams saw a huge increase in adoption, and IITS provided extensive training to ensure a smooth transition. Units across campus rapidly adopted Teams as a flexible and consolidated mobile platform that has proven more effective than traditional email through its social media style communications, real-time chat, shared files, and virtual meeting spaces.

Teams classroom

Repurposing Campus Technology for the Virtual Campus

Posted March 2020

Nothing demonstrates CSUSM’s true spirit and community partnership in 2020 better than the unit’s response to the shift to virtual instruction and other associated spring work environment challenges. For IITS, what started out as a one- or two-day equipment checkout event back on March 16th became weekly distribution days spanning the entirety of the semester. 

Kevin Morningstar helping a student at equipment checkout dates