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Annual Report 2019/20

The past academic year for IITS was shaped by three very distinct periods that played a major role in shaping the unit’s service to CSUSM outlined in this report. IITS came into AY19/20 with a long list of successful projects that were completed on time for the fall term. The most notable was the EL Building. The project certainly impacted several units on campus, and for IITS, such a large scale technical and logistical challenge added significantly to what is typically a summer filled with many other campus projects. Fall’s big project push was followed by a period of mid-year uncertainty, where budgetary and organizational changes created a pause around some key projects CSUSM would pursue. This period of abruptly ended with the COVID-19 situation, with IITS quickly pivoting, creating plans and procedures for challenges never before considered as possible prior to this event. 

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