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Live & Online Instructional Spaces

Since February 2021, IITS has been working to identify appropriate technology upgrades for both CSUSM classrooms and conference rooms to allow support for in-person and online instruction and meetings. In 2019, IITS developed a new classroom standard that included many elements of this design, but to support the Live & Online (L&O) format, a ceiling tile mic and tracking camera were added to the design.  During the summer (2021) IITS upgraded 56 of 170 instructional spaces to support the COVID-19 learning environment. IITS worked with the Vice Provost's Office (Academic Scheduling) to identify spaces that were scheduled for L&O classes and included a number of different classroom types to include CSUSM’s two large auditoriums.

As pictured below, rooms we deployed with:

  1. Sit/stand lectern and height adjustable chair
  2. 32” Wacom Tablet display (that adds touchscreen and electronic whiteboarding capabilities)
  3. Aver 4k tracking camera and a ceiling tile microphone system

Picture of a live & online classroom.

Picture of a classroom in SBSB with lift table lectern, new height adjustable instructor chair, 32" Wacom.  In the ceiling there is a Clearone mic array and Aver 4k tracking camera.

Close up of camera and mic array.

Close up view of Clearone mic array (tile with grill and blue lights), Aver camera (black device mounted in center of photo), and standard NEC classroom projector.

Classroom lectern.

CSUSM uses custom built lift-table lecterns that allow faculty to use the Wacom sitting or standing and accomodates for height preference.

Camera controls.

Classroom push button controls make it easy to control all of the AV elements.  For the camera controls, the "home" button brings the camera back to a preset and fixed view of the lectern location.  The "wide" button is preset to cover the front of the classroom.  The "Auto" button turns on the cameras tracking function to allow the instructor to move around the room with the camera focused on their movement and location.

Classroom under construction.

CSUSM's two large auditorium classrooms received major upgrades that also included rebuilding the entire AV infrastructure including new laser projectors and sound systems in addition to the standard L&O technologies.