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Windows 10 - Change in Use of Administrator Privileges

September 2017

The risks of inadvertently loading malware and spyware are everyday threats to university computer systems.  As malicious programs can be accidentally installed without explicit user permission, it is a security best practice to generally run without “local admin rights” on computers.   As desktop security continues to be an important element in protecting all campus data resources, IITS is no longer deploying local administrative privileges on Windows 10 computers as a standard operating practice. 

In order to not impede the ability to conduct research or perform other work related tasks, faculty and staff can request local admin access by logging a ticket through the Faculty/Staff Help Desk.  When the service request is complete, users will continue to generally run without administrative level privileges, but will have the ability to invoke an Admin account by entering special credentials as needed. 

To log a ticket, please email the HelpDesk or call 760.750.4790 Monday through Thursday, 7am to 7pm and Friday, 8am to 5pm.