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Refresh Schedule

Computers are scheduled to be refreshed every four years.




Refresh Cycle

FY1718 Refresh 22 Refresh 23 Refresh 27
FY1819 Refresh 23 Refresh 24 Refresh 28
FY1920 Refresh 24 Refresh 25 Refresh 29
FY2021 Refresh 25/26 Refresh 26 Refresh 30
FY2122 Refresh 27 Refresh 27 Refresh 31
FY2223 Refresh 28 Refresh 28 Refresh 32
FY2324 Refresh 29 Refresh 29 Refresh 33

The refresh scheduler is now open for campus patrons who have received a notice regarding scheduling a refresh appointment from IITS.

Questions regarding the Technology Refresh Program may be directed to

To request lecturer or student instruction systems: