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Refresh Schedule

Computers are scheduled to be refreshed every four years.

Refresh Schedule for Faculty and Staff/Student Assistant/Miscellaneous

Fiscal Year

Replacement Schedule
Replacement Schedule

Current Refresh Cycle

New Refresh Cycle

FY2526 Asset R31 Asset R31 Refresh 31 Refresh 35
FY2425 Asset R30 Asset R29/R30 Refresh 30 Refresh 34
FY2324 Asset R29 Asset R28 Refresh 29 Refresh 33
FY2223 Asset R28 Asset R27 Refresh 28 Refresh 32
FY2122 Asset R26/R27 Asset R25/26 Refresh 27 Refresh 31
FY2021 N/A N/A N/A Refresh 30
FY1920 Asset R25 Asset R24 N/A Refresh 29
FY1819 Asset R24 Asset R23 N/A Refresh 28
FY1718 Asset R23 Asset R22 N/A Refresh 27
FY1617 Asset R22 N/A N/A Refresh 26
  • Lab, Lecturer or FTU units may follow a different refresh cycle than above chart
  • N/A = limited inventory; new growth, failed units only
  • FY2122 = all units with existing tickets from previous years remained at existing refresh