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Faculty Resources and FAQ

Page Updated 4/24/20 11 a.m.

To our faculty, we know this is a tremendous challenge to face in the middle of the semester. We are committed to helping you in this transition and ensuring you have the right tools to be successful. Academic Affairs is coordinating additional resources and communications to assist you.



Health and Well-being

  • Will I be alerted if someone is COVID-19 positive?

    CSUSM relies on the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act or Clery Act, to guide communications decisions regarding confirmed COVID-19 cases. Per the Clery Act, CSUSM will send a campus notification when 1) a public health agency has confirmed via a COVID-19 test that a member of the community has the virus AND 2) the individual was recently on or near the campus or other university-related instructional site.

    The following details CSUSM’s process for potential COVID-19 cases and communicating to the campus community.




    Asymptomatic individual quarantined due to exposure to sick people or post-travel.

    Individual report or identified during contact tracing of confirmed case.

    No campus notification.

    Mild flu, cold symptoms, but not consistent with COVID-19 per individual’s report of assessment by healthcare provider.

    Individual report.

    No campus notification.


    Individual has symptoms consistent with COVID-19, but no test confirmation; individual is advised to isolate by health care provider per CDC guidance.

    Individual report.

    No campus notification, but CSUSM will provide direct communication and guidance to students and/or employees if they were near or in direct contact on a case by case basis.*

    Individual reports a positive lab test for COVID-19 and outside of San Diego County with no direct contact to campus.

    Public health agency confirmation via the individual.



    No campus notification; but CSUSM will provide direct communication and guidance to the individual.

    Individual reports a positive lab test for COVID-19, confirmed by a public health agency, and has direct contact to campus.

    Public health agency confirmation to the individual and to CSUSM.


    Campus will be notified.

  • What should I do if a student tests positive or displays COVID-19 symptoms?

    1. Please contact CSUSM Interim Medical Director, Dr. James Chun, via email at
    2. Provide Dr. Chun the student’s name, student ID number, and forward any correspondence sent to you by the student.
    3. Dr. Chun will communicate with the student and assess potential impact to the campus community, if any.
    4. Dr. Chun will contact any potentially impacted members of the campus community.  Please refrain from sharing this information with anyone other than Dr. Chun. 
    5. Should the reporting student disclose their personal condition to peers and you need assistance managing their concerns, please contact Dr. Chun or seek support via the Cougar Care Network at
    6. Should any student need non-emergency medical attention, Student Health & Counseling Services (SHCS) is open M-F, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm.  Students should call ext. 4915 to determine if being seen at SHCS is appropriate, or if the student should seek care in the community for medical services or testing beyond the scope of care available at SHCS.
  • Is CSUSM screening faculty for coronavirus?

     CSUSM is not conducting medical screenings. The university continues to monitor the situation, providing education and timely updates, and analyzing risk. If you feel ill with a fever, cough and/or shortness of breath, please call your medical provider for further guidance. 
  • What is CSUSM doing to protect the campus community?

    The health and well-being of our students, faculty and staff are our top priorities. We are continuing to follow the guidelines of the CDC, California Department of Public Health and San Diego and Riverside County Departments of Public Health. Effective March 20, the university has moved traditional face-to-face classes to virtual instruction, and the university has reduced staffing in some areas, while preserving critical student services. Faculty will not be on campus during this time.

    Given that this is a rapidly evolving situation, timely updates will continue to be posted on the COVID-19 Response website.  

  • I’m feeling overwhelmed. Who can I talk to?

    We know this is a stressful time, and the university is here for all members of our campus community. The Employee Assistance Program offers confidential services for a wide range of concerns, including anxiety and stress. For more information, visit the CSUSM EAP webpage. 


  • Are classes being canceled?

    No. From Monday, March 16 through Thursday, March 19, all previously face-to-face classes will be suspended. There will be no instruction of any kind for previously face-to-face classes during this four-day period, including virtual instruction. 

    This four-day suspension of instruction includes putting a hold on classes that have already transitioned to virtual instruction before the March 16-19 timeframe. During these four days, there will be no in-person classes, lab or studio sessions, exams, or faculty office hours. Students should not be asked to come to campus or complete virtual instruction during this time. 

    Starting Friday, March 20 through the end of the spring semester, all instruction will occur virtually. 

  • Will there be any changes to academic policies due to the pandemic?

     Yes, several temporary academic policy adjustments have been introduced for the spring semester. The Office of Registrar’s Faculty/Staff webpage has resources and FAQs related to implementing these policy changes.
  • Where can I get help on making the transition to virtual instruction?

    As the campus moves to a virtual environment, Instructional & Information Technology Services (IITS) has technical support resources and services available to support you throughout this transition and beyond. The IITS For You website provides information and options that will help you adjust to working in a virtual environment.

    Additionally, IITS is available to provide technical support. Please use the following contacts for technical support:   

    Faculty will find additional information on the IITS for Faculty webpage on topics such as: virtual instruction and collaboration tools, scanning documents using a cellphone, accessing your computer remotely, accessing software and files, voicemail and call forwarding, and safe computing practices.  

  • Can I schedule time-specific virtual instruction at any time?

    To prevent overlap of instruction between classes, faculty should continue to offer time-specific virtual instruction at the originally scheduled class meeting times. 

Faculty Services

  • Where can I get my next paycheck?

    To ensure the maximum level of safety for all employees, all “live” paychecks for the March master payroll will be mailed no later than Friday, March 27 to the home address on file with the university. We urge all employees not on direct deposit to log in to PeopleSoft employee self-service MyCSUSM no later than Monday, March 23, to confirm that the home address on file is accurate and make any updates as necessary. Upon accessing MyCSUSM, employees can update their address by selecting "My HR Resources" and then "Personal Information."  

    As the César Chávez holiday is not a bank or postal holiday, we anticipate delivery of pay warrants by March 31 or April 1 at the latest.

    If you anticipate a unique challenge with having your paycheck mailed, please contact Student Financial Services at

    Please note that pay stubs for employees on direct deposit will not be mailed. They will be kept on hand for when all employees return to campus. Digital copies of pay stubs can be accessed through MyCSUSM 

  • How can I get my campus mail?

    With most employees working remotely, temporary changes to mail distribution have been initiated. Mail will not be delivered to buildings. Instead, departments can go to Distribution Services at the University Services Building (USB) to retrieve mail at their convenience.  

    • Distribution Services will receive U.S. mail and packages at USB Monday-Thursday (closed Fridays).  
    • U.S. mail will be sorted, and packages will be scanned into CSUSM’s tracking system Monday-Thursday.  
    • Departments may pick up mail/packages at USB from 10 a.m.-2 p.m., Monday-Thursday.  
    • Outbound U.S. mail/packages may be dropped off for processing at USB from 10 a.m.-2 p.m., Monday-Thursday.

    The USB is located in the northwest corner of campus near the University Police Department. Distribution Services is in the rear warehouse section of USB behind the Facilities Development Management area. Contact Distribution Services at with any questions.  

  • Am I able to cancel my parking permit?

    A stop parking payroll deduction can be done, but this process goes through the California State Controller’s Office, so it will not take effect until the next pay period. The deduction for this month will still show in your March paycheck.

    Once the campus reopens and you are ready to start payroll deduction again, you will need to stop by the parking office to re-establish. The first month payment will be required at that time, and the payroll deduction will take effect the following pay period.

    Please keep in mind that parking enforcement will continue, and if you are parked on campus, a paid parking session will be required.

    Staff interested in stopping their parking payroll deduction can send an email to

  • Can I still make university purchases?

    COVID-19 Spending

    • All COVID-related purchase requests should have prior approval from your AVP/dean. This approval is to be obtained via email, and the approval request should clearly indicate the critical business purpose being met by this purchase.
    • For all COVID-related purchase requests that are approved, please email copies of the request supporting detail to Jon Epes at
    • The university is tracking COVID-19 expenses carefully for Chancellor's Office and other external reporting. To support this effort, the expense coding for these costs should be directed to the appropriate account code, your department, and class code: 25601 – Emergency Ops Ctr Coronavirus.
    • For purchases made with personal funds (for subsequent reimbursement), please note that the original email preapproval from your AVP/dean must be submitted with the reimbursement request.   
    • Please note that ProCard purchases must be delivered to campus.

    Information Technology Purchases

    • For all information technology purchases greater than $250, the AVP/dean approval should also be forwarded to the dean/CIO of IITS (email to for review and possible consultation regarding alternatives. 
    • All IT items will need to follow standard campus property tagging and IT purchase verification procedures upon the resumption of normal campus operations. 

    Fiscal Year End - Essential Purchases Only

    • There has been a significant uptick in deliveries as departments prepare for alternative modality. Distribution Services will be operating under significantly reduced staff, so please refrain from any nonessential purchases at this time. 
    • We have received questions about planning of budgeted spending in anticipation of the end of the fiscal year. We ask that you please refrain from making these end-of-year purchases at this time to allow our reduced staff to support business-critical activity.

Campus Operations

After consulting with your manager you can use the access to campus request form.​

  • How am I able to access campus?

     After consulting with your Dean's Office you can use the access to campus request form.
  • Is CSUSM part of the shelter-in-place order?

    Yes. The mandatory shelter-in-place order announced by Gov. Gavin Newsom is in effect beginning Thursday, March 19, until further notice. The mandate orders all individuals living in the State of California to stay home or at their place of residence except as needed to maintain continuity of operation of the federal critical infrastructure sectors. Everyone must stay home except to get food, care for a relative or friend, get necessary health care or go to an essential job. This is a critical intervention to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

    All instructional activities, office hours and labs will now only utilize virtual platforms. Access to campus facilities, including academic, administrative and recreational buildings, is currently restricted, as the university follows guidelines from the CDC, California Department of Public Health and San Diego and Riverside County Departments of Public Health to implement telecommuting practices and increase social distancing.

    Student Health and Counseling Services remains open, as well as portions of university housing at UVA and The QUAD.

    To best serve students during this unprecedented time, the university is providing many of its services virtually. See the full list of services on the Virtual Student Support Services webpage.

  • Is the campus open during the shelter-in-place order?

    Following the mandatory shelter-in-place order, the campus remains open for core, essential functions. This order has no further impact on the continuity of instruction, advising and comprehensive student support services in virtual settings.
  • Am I considered “essential” under the statewide shelter-in-place order?

    Employees designated to assist with critical functions, including essential business such as facilities, security, IT and vivaria, will be allowed on campus if designated by their dean.
  • What are the latest travel guidelines?

    All university-sponsored international travel is prohibited, and all personal international travel is strongly discouraged. All university-sponsored non-essential domestic travel is prohibited, and extreme caution and judgment is urged for personal domestic travel.  
  • Are events being canceled?

    The campus will not be accepting reservations through December 31, 2020.  Events and Conference Services will be tracking reservation requests for Spring 2021 but no requests will be confirmed until clear campus guidelines pertaining to hosting events is established.
  • Will there still be a commencement ceremony?

    We are saddened to share that the 2020 Cal State San Marcos commencement ceremony scheduled for May 15-16 will be postponed.

    This very difficult decision was made with the health and safety of our students, faculty, staff and guests at the forefront, and in consultation with public health experts and leadership from our 23-campus California State University system.

    We know how important commencement is and we are committed to moving this important milestone to a date later this year when it is appropriate and safe to do so. It’s not a question of whether, but when. In addition, we are committed to consulting with ASI student leaders as we move forward with any plans.

    We will share more information as soon as we can. We ask for your patience and understanding as we continue to find solutions during these unprecedented times.

    Updates regarding commencement can found at