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Innovation Hubinnovation@csusm.eduCSUSM Extended Learning Building 288 Campus Way - Suite 102 San Marcos, CA 92078
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Welcome to the CSUSM Innovation Hub

Become part of innovation and entrepreneurship at CSUSM.

September Updates

  • Look for upcoming information this month about the I3T program. We will be taking new student applications for this semester's team. To learn more or apply, click here

  •  The Innovation Challenge Launches In September. This semester the challenge gives student organizations the opportunity to solve water polution issues in the region.

  • This fall, the Innovation Hub is launching the new Faculty Fellows Program. The program gives faculty across campus the opportunity to work on solving societal needs in collaboration with the campus's innovation ecosystem. For more information, contact

 Innovation Challenge

Fall 2021 Innovation Challenge

The Innovation Hub is changing up our semester-based innovation challenge for this fall. While the challenge will again focus on solving needs in our community, the competition will be among the different student organizations on campus. Each student organization can register and compete as a group to solve the innovation challenge and have a chance to win prize money for their organization. The competition is set to kick off this month with a presentation about the problem the Innovation Challenge plans to solve. Look for the Innovation Hub Student Leadership Team to visit your student organizations and share more about this semester's challenge.


Fall 2020 Innovation Challenge

The CSUSM Fall 2020 Innovation Challenge has concluded. Sponsored by the CSUSM College of Business Administration MBA program and the Hersh Family. View the winning Fall 2020 projects.

Summer 2020 Innovation Challenge

During the challenge, students and teams used their creativity to develop an innovative product, service, or program and present their ideas to be judged by a panel of innovative and entrepreneurial experts. View the winning Summer 202- projects.

 Student Leadership Team

The Student Leadership Team serves as a connection between the Innovation Hub and the students on campus. As part of this program, students leaders will gain valuable communcation, organization, and leadership skills. 





Every Thursday at 12:00pm

Join us for weekly online tech talks that include topics on emerging technologies, leading tech organizations, managing online teams and why inclusion matters in your growing business. We are here to answer all your questions about entrepreneurship, technology, and everything in between. You can submit questions on our social media or by emailing

YouTube videos of previous Tech School sessions

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TOM@CSUSM, founded in 2020, is a student-led group that aims to address societal issues through innovative designs and ideas. TOM, an acronym for Tikkun Olam (Makers), is a Hebrew saying that means "to heal the tears in the souls of the world". When this principle is combined with the Maker movement, solutions to social problems can be addressed readily with student centered ideas at the helm. TOM@CSUSM is supported by the Innovation Hub and TOM Global Inc. 


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A special thank you to The Conrad Prebys Foundation for their support to outfit the Hub and bring ideas to solutions.

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CSUSM Extended Learning Building
288 Campus Way - Suite 102
San Marcos, CA 92078 

Innovation Hubinnovation@csusm.eduCSUSM Extended Learning Building 288 Campus Way - Suite 102 San Marcos, CA 92078