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 The Intercollege, Industry, Innovation Team (I3T) is an innovation and entrepreneurial team of students at CSUSM from across all colleges on campus in partnership with local businesses. Teams work at solving critical issues and developing a strategic business plan to implement the innovative and entrepreneurial idea(s).

Innovation Challenge

 The Hub’s 2021 Fall Innovation Challenge is a semester-long ideation competition where student organizations compete try to solve real-world problems. The goal of this program is to foster real-life, innovative solutions to specific challenges in our communities. During the challenge, student organizations will work as a team to develop an innovative product, service, or program and present their ideas to be judged by a panel of innovative and entrepreneurial experts. The Hub’s Fall 2021 Innovation Challenge will award a winning student organization with a cash prize. 

Fokcus Tech School

 Join us every Thursday at 12:00pm for a informational webinar featuring a wide variety of guest speakers and Q&A session! We're here to answer all your questions about entrepreneurship, technology, and everything in between. You can submit questions by commenton our social media, or by emailing


TOM@CSUSM, founded in 2020, is a student-led group that aims to address societal issues through innovative designs and ideas. TOM, an acronym for Tikkun Olam (Makers), is a Hebrew saying that means "to heal the tears in the souls of the world". When this principle is combined with the Maker movement, solutions to social problems can be addressed readily with student centered ideas at the helm. TOM@CSUSM is supported by the Innovation Hub and TOM Global Inc. 

CSUSM Quick Pitch

Need some money to help get an innovative idea started? CSUSM Shark Tank is a quick pitch competition open to all students at CSUSM . The pitch competition awards winning students/teams with a $500  micro-grant to help support the development of a solution/idea for a problem they are addressing.