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Student Leadership Team

The Student Leadership Team serves as a connection between the Innovation Hub and the students on campus. They work with the various student organizations to invite students to participate in innovative and entrepreneurial opportunities, both on campus and throughout the community. As part of this program, student leaders will gain valuable communication, organization, and leadership skills. They will also have the opportunity to work with community leaders and organizations, University faculty and staff, and entrepreneurs. Most of all, student leaders will support other students and make a lifelong difference in their educational experiences, innovative opportunities, and entrepreneurial endeavors.  

What are the responsibilities?

The Student Leadership Team will organize events, develop programs, and communicate to students about opportunities within the Innovation Hub. Students leaders will meet weekly to develop and manage several programs related to innovation and entrepreneurship. This volunteer position is a great opportunity to get involved in campus and shape the innovation and entrepreneurial initiatives. The purpose of the Innovation Student Leadership Team is to develop and support programs within the Innovation Hub and create an inclusive environment that help students across campus learn and practice innovative and entrepreneurial applications.  Some of the opportunities that students will be involved with are : 

  • Workshops 
  • Student Outreach and Marketing  
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competitions 
  • Meetups  

How do I apply? 

All students are eligible to apply for the Student Leadership Team program. You will be asked to also submit a resume and complete an interview. Students will be selected based on their academic standing and leadership skills. Students must maintain a 3.2 GPA while serving as a student leader.  Applications close March 19, 2021.  


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