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External Data Sources

  • San Diego Regional ForecastA preview of what regional planners think San Diego may look like in 2050. Demographic projections, fertility rates, life expectancies, jobs/housing growth.
  • College InsightFrom the institute of college access and success. Browse and compare information about affordability, diversity and students success.    
  • High School Educational Opportunity Reports 2006The High School Educational Opportunity Reports provide the demographics, conditions, and outcomes of each high school in California. These single page reports give you critical information about schools in your communities.  
  • RAND California Community College Enrollment StatisticsRAND California Community College Enrollment Statistics reflect fall semester enrollment (headcount) for individual California Community Colleges and statewide by gender and ethnicity.  
  • California Postsecondary Education CommissionThe Commission integrates policy, fiscal, planning, data, and programmatic analysis about issues concerning education beyond high school to the legislative and the executive branches of California government and to the general public.
  • CSU Systemwide Analytic StudiesThe Division of Analytic Studies is responsible for compiling student data from the 23 campuses of the California State University and disseminating statistical information about applications received, new enrollments, continuing enrollments, and degrees conferred.