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CPEC Reports and Data

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Reports and Data by Sponsor
Name CPEC Reports and Data
Sponsor California Postsecondary Education Commission (CPEC)
Description California's planning and coordinating body for higher education, CPEC prepares integrated fiscal, programmatic, and policy analyses of California's entire system of postsecondary education.  It also serves as the state clearinghouse on higher education.  Thus, its website provides access to summary reports, as well as an array of student data.
Home page: (click on Reports or On-Line Data)

Student data (e.g. college going rates, enrollments and demographics):

Characteristics of transfer students:

Majors and Degree programs offered:

Degrees granted:

Fields Covered

HS and college enrollment data, school codes, Commission reports, college and university guides (degrees and programs), transfer student data.

Scope School, District, County, Region, State.
Period Covered Annual for the past 15 years.


Update Frequency Most data are annual, reports are periodic.


Data Formats

User defined/created internet tables available for download in semicolon, comma, or tab delimited file formats.  Paper reports available for order/purchase.


E-mail only
Address 1303 J Street, Suite 500
Sacramento, CA 95814-2938
Telephone (916) 445-7933

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