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U.S. Census Bureau
In keeping with its mandate to prepare and disseminate timely reports on the U.S. population and economy, the Census Bureau has established a sophisticated web site that provides both mapping tools and quick and easy access to a range of data from recent decennial censuses.  The formats available range from complete data sets to succinct summary tables dealing with population, housing, industry, and business.  The data examined can be limited to San Diego County or California.  (The site works better with Microsoft Internet Explorer than with Netscape Navigator).

Fields Covered

Population, income, housing, business, geographical maps.

Census tracts, cities, counties, metropolitan areas, urban areas, voting districts, zip code tabulation areas.

Period Covered

Mostly 1990 Census and 2000 Census data, with some years between.

Update Frequency

Every decade.

Data Formats

Interactive Internet tools, CD-ROM, Http and FTP downloadable public files, mapping utilities, quickstats for frequent requests, downloadable viewing software, printed paper products available for purchase.


Los Angeles Regional Office
15350 Sherman Way, Suite 300
Van Nuys, CA 91406


(818) 904-6249 (LA Office)
(301) 457-4608 (General Inquiries)
(301) 457-4636 (Ordering Data Products)

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