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Labor Market Information

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Name Labor Market Information (LMI)
Sponsor California Employment Development Department (EDD)


The EDD Labor Market Information Division is responsible for collecting, analyzing,
reporting and publishing economic activity data to describe and predict the relationship between labor demand and supply.  The EDD Labor Market Information Division offers a wide array of social, fiscal, technological, and economic data. 

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Fields Covered Labor force data , unemployment data, employment data by industry, projected employment by occupation, population and selected demographic data, local economic trends and characteristics, occupational data by gender and race (1990 census), occupational wage rates by geographical area, hours and earnings data by industry and geographical area, general occupational information.
Scope Cities and sub-county areas, metropolitan statistical area, county, California, national.
Period Covered Most data from 1983 to present, with projections to 2004. Some CA data from 1940.
Update Frequency Most data are updated either monthly or annually, revisions are periodic.
Data Formats Tables, pdf reports, downloadable excel files for some data sets.


Cheryl Mason, San Diego County Labor Market Consultant

Employment Development Department 
Labor Market Information Division 
Attn: Publications and Information Unit 
7000 Franklin Blvd., Suite 1100 
Sacramento, CA 95823 


State: (916) 262-2162, #3 or

San Diego County Consultant: (858) 689-6544


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