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University Survey Proposal

Before Submitting your University Survey Proposal

  1. Visit the IP&A Survey Website to ensure the information you are seeking is not already collected in one of our institutional surveys.
  2. Consult the University Survey Calendar to select administration dates that minimize overlap with existing surveys. Proposals must be received at least 30 days in advance of the desired survey launch date.
  3. Confirm your survey content, communications, and administration plan with collaborators and obtain approval from an MPP. Finalize your survey in the format you intend to administer it.

Submit your University Survey Proposal online.

If you wish to prepare your proposal in advance, please use this .docx version.

University Survey Review Process

The University Survey Committee will consider the following criteria when reviewing University Survey Proposals:

  1. Relevance to campus mission and/or strategic plan(s)
  2. Minimal burden on campus constituents
  3. Usefulness of data to inform university decisions
  4. Efficient use of university resources
  5. Value to the broader population of campus constituents
  6. Clarity and functionality of survey and related communications
  7. Inclusive language in alignment with university guidelines
  8. Compliance with FERPA , university standards for confidentiality and information security, university policy on Human Subject Protection in Research, and university accessibility standards.

Prior to approval, the committee will offer recommendations for any revisions needed to bring the survey into alignment with these criteria.