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Permission numbers

Registering for most classes does not require a permission number as long as the course is open, you have completed the prerequisites, and the course does not require instructor consent. If the course is closed, you may click the "Waitlist" button on the schedule to be added to the waitlist. Beginning Spring 2012, students will be moved from the waitlist automatically into the class, based on their position on the waitlist.

You will need to request a permission number for the following courses by completing a webform. Click the links below for the correct webform:

We will no longer be distributing permission numbers for courses in the Pre-Kinesiology Core, including:

  • BIOL 104 Introduction to Biology: Human Emphasis
  • BIOL 177 Anatomy & Physiology I for KINE majors
  • BIOL 178 Anatomy & Physiology II for KINE majors
  • KINE 202 Introduction to Kinesiology

Instead, these courses will be restricted to KINE/PKIN students with Senior (90 units or more) and Junior (60-89 units) standing during early registration. After these students have had sufficient time to register, the restriction will be lifted and others in the KINE/PKIN majors will be allowed to register.

Classes for which you have not completed the pre-requisites

  • you will need instructor signature consent and a permission number on the Requisite Waiver add form (Contact Department) in order to register.

KINE 495 Internship in Kinesiology

  • Guidelines and eligibility
  • Request for permission number