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Student Leadership

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This is a collaborative project with CSUSM Student Life and Leadership student Kylie Swift, staff member Porcha Ingram, and the Latin@ Center peer coach Brenda Diaz.

How to Start a Student Organization

Are you interested in starting your own student organization here at CSUSM? We have compiled a few steps on how to get started with your new student organization. Exploring different avenues while trying to find your voice on campus can be challenging yet rewarding. Leadership is an essential skill necessary for success.

Step 1. Complete an Intent to Organize

  1. The first step at developing a student organization is by completing an Intent to Organize Form by the designated deadline. For the 2016-2017 academic school year the application opens on March 1st and closes April 1st.  

Step 2. The University Recognition Process

  1. Student organizations need to go through a recognition process in order for the club to be affiliated with CSUSM. These forms are submitted online on an annual basis.  For more information regarding the student organization recognition process, please visit the
  2.  Student Life and Leadership Student Organizations Website, stop by Student Life & Leadership Office located at the University Student Union 3600, or email
  3. The student organization must have a president and a treasurer and meet CSU minimum requirements. The following steps must be completed prior to recognition:
    1. Officer Agreement Form
    2. A current membership roster including campus IDs and campus emails (all organizations must have at least 5 CSUSM student members)
    3. A current Constitution

Step 3. Know Student Roles and Responsibilities for the Organization

  1. Here are the policies that students need to know for student organizations: Student Organization Policies
  2. It is important to familiarize yourself with all the roles and responsibilities student organizations require; all of which help with the overall success of the organization.

Step 4. Learn Who the SLL Coordinators Are

Student organizations are subdivided into different categories and all of them have a coordinator:

Megan Curran, Coordinator of Fraternity & Sorority Life Coordinator
760-750-4952 or 

Porcha Ingram, Coordinator of Student Involvement (Special Interest, Club Sports, Political, and Service)
760-750-4962 or 

Floyd Lai, Associate Director Multicultural Programs (Religious & Cultural)
760-750-4958 or

Shannon Nolan,  Coordinator of Student Involvement (Academic & Honor Societies)
760-750-4973 or

Step 5. How to Plan for CSUSM Student Organization Events

Student events are categorized across levels (1-4) and SLL Coordinators support level 3-4 events by meeting with groups to discuss necessary resources, providing event estimates, and providing guidance on campus policies. Check out the Student Orgs site for more information as to how to plan and host a successful student organization event.

Step 6. Know Your Leadership Resources

SLL is pleased to provide a variety of student leader tip sheets that can help you address issues or challenges specific to your leadership role or organization.

Step 7. SLL Item Request

Student Life & Leadership (SLL) has miscellaneous items that can be loaned to Student Organizations and Departments for on-campus events. All requests must be submitted 3 business days in advance. Resources listed below are on a first come first serve basis. SLL Item Request Form

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