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Language Learning Center (LLC)

We are welcoming, informal and supportive. Students do not need to be enrolled in language or linguistics classes to use the LLC. 


Careers in Spanish-Speaking Fields

*Ends March 14th*

See the Full Schedule.

This special speaker series will highlight how to use your Spanish hands-on in fields such as Peace Corps, palliative care, healthcare, health education, therapy/counseling, legal/business/health translation, and research.

Co-hosted by the LLC, Latin@ Center, and Modern Language Studies Department.



The CSUSM Language Learning Center honors diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.  The Center collaborates across the university and in the surrounding communities to meet the needs of our students.   We provide a rich, inclusive, caring environment that complements and supports best practices in language learning.  We are dedicated to maximizing student linguistic abilities and multiculturalism through a commitment to academic rigor and academic communication.   Our Center inspires students to become independent and confident contributors to their own learning and that of others. 


Language Other Than English Requirement Website

Upcoming Events


Mon-Wed 8:30-5
Thurs 8:30-4
Fri 8:30-2

Spanish Lab

During the times below, come and study with us, and just raise your hand when you need assistance !

  • Mon10:30-12
  • Tues 10:30-12
  • Wed 12-12:30 & 3-5 

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Kellogg 1107
(760) 750-8058

We collaborate closely with
Modern Language Studies.