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Spanish Plazas 4th Edition

1. Each student must buy their own online iLrn key, valid for about 24 months.
2. Log-In to iLrn 
3. Create an account or log in.
4. Buy either:

5. Enter Class Code your instructor gave you (short like ABCDEF).
6. Enter Book Code, which is same Pin Code you recieved via email (long like ABC-123-DEF-456-etc).
7. Visit iLrn website for guides and FAQs.

Spanish Revista 2e 

After your instructor gives you the login, Go to Revista.

German Na Klar! 

After your instructor gives you the login, Go to Na Klar.

French A Vous

Request URL from LLC at or 760-750-8058.


The LLC has CDs to borrow during open hours.

Mandarin Chinese

101 & 102


Tech Support