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Private Sessions

Schedule for Private & Buddy Sessions (PDF) 

How Private & Buddy Sessions Work

  • We bring language to life outside the classroom!
  • Bring a friend from the same class for a "buddy" session. Only one of you needs to reserve the appointment.
  • We cover: Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Mandarin, American Sign Language (ASL), and Linguistics 100 & 300.
  • ALL students may meet with our team, even if they are not taking a class at CSUSM, just want to learn a language, or need to Skype/Zoom from far away.
  • We work with you on:
      • Grammar
      • Verb Conjugations
      • Pronunciation/Accent
      • Conversation
      • Arabic alphabet
      • Chinese pinyin, characters and tones
      • Spanish essay-writing
      • Spanish written accents
      • Study techniques and strategies for success
      • More!
  • How it works:
      • This is different than teaching: we work with you.
      • Before asking for guidance, do as much as you can.
      • We do not proofread, edit, translate, or do work for you.
      • Some instructors offer extra credit or require visits for tutoring and/or independent study. Info about Instructors.

How to Book an Appointment

  • Book online - or see our schedule first.
  • Email if you need something outside the schedule.
  • Appointments are typically 30 minutes but 45 or 60 can be arranged.
  • Meet in Kellogg 1107 (basement) during LLC open hours.
  • Meet in Kellogg 24/5 space (2nd floor) during LLC closed hours.
  • You can book 1 week ahead.
  • You can book 1 per day.
  • You can book 4 per week.
  • You will lose your slot if more than 10 minutes late.
  • You will be blocked if you are a no-show, until you talk to LLC.

Other Activities

Fall Hours

  • Mon 9-5
  • Tues 9-5
  • Wed 8:30-5
  • Thurs 9-5
  • Fri 9-1

Spanish 101-202
Open Lab

Study in the LLC and get assistance on-the-spot. 

  • Mon 11-2
  • Wed 12:30-2
  • Anytime, if a tutor is free!