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Language Other Than English Requirement (LOTER) 

CSUSM believes strongly in preparing its students for the demands of a diverse and globalizing world. So, all students entering CSUSM in Fall 2018 or already matriculated must demonstrate intermediate proficiency in a language other than English. 
The LOTER confirms that you have an intermediate level of proficiency. It does not require fluency.

The LOTER goes on your resume, for example: Certified, academic, intermediate written and spoken [language] 
You can meet the LOTER via coursework or exam. We hope these choices make the LOTER simple and rewarding.

LOTER Changes

The LOTER will be changing for how it works on campus. However, current students are still under catalog rights that require LOTER as an institutional requirement. Consequently, for Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 course load, current student should follow their current degree planner in all requirements, including LOTER. 

Unit Load

If you complete 12 units per semester, it will take in-coming first-years 5 years to graduate.
If you complete 15 units per semester, it will take in-coming first-years 4 years go graduate. 
Adding courses in Winter and Summer can reduce semester load while keeping your 24- or 30-unit goal per academic year.

To prevent a delay in graduating, do not wait until junior or senior year!

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