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Language Other Than English Requirement

The Language Other Than English Requirement (LOTER) is a University graduation requirement that is specific to CSUSM. Beginning with the Fall 2019 catalog year, it will no longer be a University graduation requirement for an undergraduate degree.

*Students graduating prior to Fall 2019

You must complete LOTER in a way listed on this website. 

Withdrawals from Fall 2018 CSUSM language classes will not be approved unless it is serious or compelling, as with any withdrawal petition. Contact Advisor Hilary Taylor for more information at 760-750-4197.

*Continuing students graduating Fall 2019 or later and who have declared their major prior to Fall 2019

You do not have a LOTER. It has been waived in your ARR and Degree Planner.

Students who expect to be enrolled Fall 2019, but whose LOTER has not yet been waived by the university, will have LOTER waived no later than the start of the Fall 2019 semester, if still enrolled in an undergraduate degree program.

Contact Advisor Hilary Taylor with any questions, at 760-750-4197 or .

*Nursing applicants for Fall 2019

The LOTER is still a way to earn an additional application point, for Fall 2019 applicants.  Nursing is an impacted program, so we strongly suggest that you do meet the LOTER by the Nursing program's spring deadline, in a way listed on this website.

*Incoming students Fall 2019
*Continuing students who change/add/declare major Fall 2019 or later

You MAY have a language proficiency, as part of your major's new Catalog year. Most CHABSS Majors have confirmed that they will be requiring intermediate-level proficiency starting Fall 2019. Check the new Catalog once published, to see if a Major has added a language requirement.

FAQs, updates, and details for Fall 2019 continuing students.

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