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Remote Exam

Fall Exams have concluded.
Please check back as of January 3 for Winter & Spring dates.


~Extended Learning Online-Only Students and Temecula-based Students may take your Proficiency Exam in any language or your Spanish Placement Exam at a local testing facility (rather than at CSUSM's main campus).

~It takes a long time to set up and can be tedious to arrange. Logistics can take a few months; please plan accordingly.

~The Exam can be taken in any language.

~The Exam has both spoken and written portions.

~Students need a device with Skype (for the spoken portion). 

~Testing facilities usually have a fee above our $91 fee. 

~Because of the above, we recommend if at all possible that students take:

     1) On-Campus Exam, if they can get to CSUSM for the day.

     2) Spanish Placement Exam, for truly, academically bilterate students.  It is written only, so it easy to schedule remotely.

     3) CLEP, which is written, $80, and arranged through College Board.

     4) Online or local community college class (Note: The only CSUSM class for the LOTER that RN to BSN students may take is Spanish 201C "Intermediate Spanish for Medical Professionals", because of scheduling reasons. CSUSM also allows RN to BSN students to take Spanish 101 and 102, to get to 201C; CSUSM also is adding French 101, 102 and 201 as an option.)


1) Students first find a suitable testing facility on their own. Public libraries work best, but community colleges sometimes have a testing center. The facilty must have:

     -An area where you may speak out loud at a normal volume without disturbing other
     -Reliable WiFi internet access
     -A proctor for the written portion (done immediately after CSUSM proctors the oral with you)

Here are facilities we have used in the past, in case this is helpful for you (but you are welcome to find another):

King's Country Library: Hanford Branch
Upland Public Library
Burbank Library
Glendora Library
Placentia Library
CSUSM at Temecula
Monterey County Free Libraries: Carmel Valley Branch
Fairfield Cordelia Library
Yuba Community College, College Success Center
El Camino College, Community Education 

2) Student then confirms that the facility can accomodate at least three of CSUSM's available dates from the below schedule. Don't yet schedule an appointment at the facility! 

3) Student finally emails with this information:

  1.  Full Legal Name
  2.  Campus ID (Note: Some Nursing Applicants won't have it yet.)
  3.  Phone Number
  4.  Campus Email (Note: If not currently enrolled, you may use another email.)
  5.  Specific Reason for Taking the Exam (Nursing Program, RN to BSN Student, Global Studies,...)
  6.  Language Testing In (Note: Global Studies majors may not test in ASL.)
  7.  Three Dates and Three Times from below that work with your schedule.
  8.  DETAILED Contact Information for the Local Facility, after inquiring if they can accomodate you speaking aloud over wireless. We CANNOT take Remote reservations without this information.

4) Coordinator then books an appointment at the facility. 

5) Coordinator then sends the facility testing materials via email.

6) Coordinator finally sends student detailed instructions via email. You are all set to test!


*Start times are below. Skyped oral portion takes 1 hour, and we do that first. After we hang up, you will spend 1 more hour doing the written at the local site.  Example: If you choose 10 AM, you will Skype with us from 10 AM – 11 AM and then write with the local proctor from 11 AM -12 PM.

Please check back as of January 3 for Winter & Spring dates.