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Tips for Transfers

If you transferred in, and you are one of the below, check out these tips to meet the requirement!

a) Graduating Spring 2019 or Summer 2019
b) CHABSS Major (Except Liberal Studies and Economics) 

Take a Class

  • Save time and money! Take your third semester before coming to CSUSM. 
  • See our Courses page to decide which class is right for you.
  • Take courses online, or in person at CSUSM or elsewhere
  • RN to BSN information

Test Out

  • If you are proficient in another language, you can take the Proficiency Exam.
  • We test almost every language in the world, including ASL. 
  • This option does NOT give units, costs $91, and can be done at any time after your arrival. 
  • Many AP, IB, or TOEFL scores meet the requirement. Just send CSUSM an official score!

Take a Spanish Placement Test

  • If you feel you should place directly into Spanish 102 or 201, but you haven't taken Spanish since high school, you can take our Spanish Placement Exam. *Note: If you took Spanish in college, don't take this test. Just sign up for the next Spanish class in the series!
  • If you feel like you need some practice first, before attempting the Spanish Placement Exam, consider our Spanish 101/102 Review.

Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) Students

To see requirements for the requirement, General Education classes, and your major, go to your special ADT 60-unit roadmap (which is different from a non-ADT student's roadmap).