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Labor & Employee Relations is available to provide general or specific training on a number of work related topics such as performance management, conflict resolution, effective discipline, labor relations, and supervisory skills, as well as develop a training program to fit a department's specific needs. 

Workshops that are currently held throughout the year include:

The ART of Communication - in this workshop participants will learn practical ways to decrease problems associated with unresolved conflicts.  Using techniques developed by the National Conflict Resolution Center (NCRC) this workshop addresses effective team communication practices, conflict management techniques, and strategies for interacting with the public.

The Exchange Conflict Resolution Program - The Exhange is a proven approach which provides strategies and skills to more effectively resolve workplace conflicts. The Exchange is a four-state process derived from the conflict resolution model used for more than 25 years at the National Conflict Resolution Center (NCRC).  This highly restructured process facilitates the discussion of issues so that managers can learn to preempt and de-escalate disputes and creatively solve them in ways that can reenergize the workplace.  

Planning and Conducting Effective Performance Evaluations - This workshop provides training on the campus performance evaluation process including how to plan for and write effective evaluations; developing and reviewing performance expectations; communicating throughout the performance cycle about employees goals, performance, and development; and ensuring that employees have the tools, resources, and training and development needed to perform their jobs successfully. Mandatory for new MPPs.

Preparing for Your Performance Evaluation - This workshop provides training on the campus performance evaluation process and summarizes successful strategies for how to use the process as a communication tool to discuss performance, set goals for the following year, and take an active role in planning for development.

If you have a suggestion, or a need, for a Labor & Employee Relations training workshop, please contact us to discuss your ideas.

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