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Faculty Travel Instructions

This page is for exclusive use by faculty in the Department of Literature & Writing Studies. 

If you are traveling anywhere in your role as a faculty member, you will need to notify the department AC as soon as possible and follow the steps below to file your travel paperwork. 

For domestic travel, you must provide 60 days’ notice ahead of the trip to go through the preapproval process. For international travel, you must provide a full 90 days’ notice ahead of the trip. You are welcome to submit your information ahead of those deadlines.  

Please note that there are some states nationally and many places internationally that the University will not approve.  Some states are restricted for travel per Assembly Bill 1887 and the Chancellor’s Executive Order. More information about Assembly Bill 1887 and the list of restricted states is available at Travel Prohibition, and you can read the Chancellor’s Executive Order.

Before You Travel: 

Please fill out the travel preapproval online form to submit your travel details and estimates to the department AC. This process allows you to compile all of the necessary information to give to the AC and ensures that you are claiming everything you are eligible to be reimbursed for.  If you have nothing to claim, please type n/a in the relevant boxes. You will also be emailed a copy of the form once you press submit.

If you are traveling internationally, you must fill out and submit to the department AC the International Travel Paperwork Required Documents. Please see the Academic Affairs Faculty International Travel page for more information. 

Submit any relevant preapproval paperwork to the department AC. Once these items are received and the entire online form is filled out and received, the department AC will then prepare the preapproval form and contact you to sign your paperwork.  

During Your Travel: 

During your travel, please keep track of your expenses. You will need to provide this information to the department AC along with all of your receipts detailing all of your expenses when you return from your trip. You must save all of your receipts during your trip - including food receipts. 

You must provide proof of attendance by saving your name tag and the agenda and/or copy of the conference program if applicable. 

After You Travel:  

Please submit your list of expenses along with all of your receipts, proof of attendance, and any additional travel documents to the department AC. Once these items are received, the department AC will then prepare the claim form and contact you to sign your paperwork.  

For more information about the CSUSM travel policies and procedures visit University Travel. If you have any Questions, email Courtney Utsler.