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Funding for Thesis-Related Materials and Travel

The graduate program has a pool of funds to reimburse costs associated with students working on their thesis projects. We invite all graduate students working on theses to apply for these funds!

You can apply for reimbursement for one or both of the following:

  1. Thesis-related materials: You may apply for up to $200 worth of thesis-related materials. Thesis materials may include primary texts (books, films, etc.), secondary sources (essay collections, monographs, etc.), and other materials you need to own for your research.

  2. Thesis-related travel: You may apply for up to $400 worth of travel-related expenses (such as conferences or workshops). NOTE: You MUST get approval for the travel ahead of time, fill out all forms with the Department AC (Courtney Utsler), and provide receipts of all covered expenses. Because of this, you may NOT apply for travel that has already occurred. For travel, the EARLIER you apply, the BETTER!

NOTE: For research-related travel, don’t forget that the Office of Graduate Studies offers a Graduate Research Dissemination Fund as well.

  • The graduate advisory committee will evaluate requests for reimbursement and award funds.
  • For best consideration, please submit requests for reimbursement by January 29, 2020 (applications will be considered on a rolling basis after that until March 15, 2020).
  • To apply for the funds, please submit the following information to Heidi Breuer via email: a) amount requested, b) brief explanation of how materials and/or travel is important for your thesis work, and c) name of thesis chair (for verification of progress on thesis).