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LTWR Advising

How to Contact Your Advisor: 

Advising responsibilities are distributed among tenure-track faculty in the department. Please email or stop by your faculty advisor's office hours to request an appointment. When you meet with your advisor, you can go over advising worksheets together, ask questions about upcoming courses, talk about what you want to do once you graduate, and discuss how you're going to get there.

When you get close to graduation, make sure to schedule a special appointment with the College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral & Social Sciences Advisor Benita G. Flores to make sure you have met all university requirements for graduation. Her office is in Craven Hall 1300-C. Graduating seniors should do this no later than in fall semester for a spring graduation.


Important information for transfer students: Check out this LTWR Advising FAQ before meeting with your advisor.

Undergraduate Students: Undergraduate students should seek advising according to the first initial of their last name, and according to the type of program they are pursuing (Single-Subject, Liberal Studies, Creative Writing, etc).

LTWR Major:

A-F  Professor Cassel  750-8030 (MH 134)
G-L  Professor Yuan  750-4081 (MH 133)
M-R  Professor Doller 750-8569 (MH 126J)
S-Z  Professor Levato  750-8207 (MH 250)

Liberal Studies:

Professor Breuer: 750-8570 (MH 132)

Special Advising:

  • LTWR Minor: Professor Moukhlis 750-8081 (MH 126K)
  • Graduate Studies A - Z: Professor Breuer 750-8570 (MH 132)
  • Creative Writing: Professor Doller 750-8569 (MH 126J)
  • GEW Director: Professor Cucinella 750-8169 (MH 259) (Contact Moukhlis for Spring 2018)
  • Department Chair: Professor Moukhlis  750-8081 (MH 126K)
  • Graduate Coordinator: Professor Breuer  750-8570 (MH 132)
  • Pre-Teaching Students: Professor Breuer  750-8570 (MH 132)
  • Study Abroad: Professor Yuan 750-4081 (MH 133)
  • Guidelines for seeking letters of recommendation